Madara talking to Obito: You are the savior.

Madara talking about Obito: What a piece of shit. 

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George R. R. Martin… wisdom at its finest

People who aren’t happy with madara’s fast eye surgery and think it’s unbelieveable please remember one guy named sasori. Akasuna living piece of meat sasori. Now please reconsider your life.

Ohhhh army of angry kakashifans in my madara tag.


Villains vs plot armored heroes


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naruto was the worst decision of my life

Anonymous asked: can you draw orochimaru? :D or have you drawn him already? i wanna see him in your style!

You wat he is one of my favs i have plenty drawing of him!

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Anonymous asked: Hello i dunno if you have the time or if you take requests but if you do could you pls draw nagato. That would be supercool i would love to see him drawn by you

Actually i had this one idea for picture with nagato for quite a long time now when  you reminded me maybe i will draw it finally